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Which city is the most romantic?4. Traditional romance - Kyoto, Japan

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Which city is the most romantic? That's up to you ...


1. The iconic romantic - Venice, Italy

There's almost nothing more romantic than gliding along the Grand Canal, a gondolier crooning softly and moonlight reflecting off the water. Ornate architecture and Italian charm make Venice just as lovely by day. Stroll the bridges and get lost in hidden alleys. Feeling mysterious? Indulge at a masquerade ball, or at least a stop in one of the many elaborate mask shops.




Gondolas pass under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Source: Supplied


2. The enchanting city - Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish city is the place to be for romance. 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' anyone? Spain's most enchanting city, Barcelona captivates all who enter. Take it all in with a hot-air balloon ride, the most romantic way to see the sights.




Vicky Cristina Barcelona starring Rebecca Hall and Javier Bardem tells the story of a young American woman on vacation in Barcelona who becomes romantically entagled with a local artist. Source: Supplied


3. Renaissance romance and vino - Florence, Italy

The entire country oozes amore, but Florence is at the top, providing renaissance romance and endless vino. Gaze on the world's best artwork, get lost in the city's historic streets, or take a drive through the Tuscan countryside. The Boboli garden bursting with pink roses is one of the most delightful spots for whispering sweet nothings into your lover's ear.




The Boboli Garden in Florence, Italy is a lovers’ paradise. Source: ThinkStock

4. Traditional romance - Kyoto, Japan

Traditional and elegant, Kyoto's bath houses provide a sensual, romantic experience. Once your spa needs are fulfilled, take a day trip to Nara to get in touch with nature, or visit the Kyoto Botanical Gardens, a beautiful place for a stroll.




A beautiful evening view over Kyoto, Japan. Source: ThinkStock


5. Bursting with romance - Bruges, Belgium

Bruges can turn anyone into a romantic. Walk through the streets of gold-topped buildings, curl up in a cafe, or take a carriage ride through the city for the ultimate romantic experience. If possible, Bruges is even more romantic around Christmas, when it transforms into a winter wonderland.




Belgium's famed city of Bruges offers a fairytale backdrop for romance. Source: ThinkStock


6. Beautiful and exotic - Fez, Morocco

It's easy to be seduced by a place as beautiful and exotic as Fez. The ancient fortress city is famous for exquisite tea gardens and gorgeous tiled mosques, sensuous spices and stunning sights. It's the perfect background for a romantic retreat. The Sofitel Palais Jamai has one of the most breathtaking views, and is tailored toward romantic getaways.




Lovers can enjoy the views over the Moroccan city of Fez. Source: ThinkStock

7. Passionate in pink - Jaipur, India

India's "Pink City" is intensely romantic, flaunting majestic palaces and tranquil temples. An elephant ride through the dazzling streets, filled with colour and exoticism, is sure to incite passion. Next, head to the bazaar, where gorgeous jewellery and ornate belly dancing costumes make the perfect souvenir.


印度“粉城” 的浪漫令人难忘,尤以其雄伟壮观的宫殿和清幽脱俗的寺庙为甚。骑着大象漫步在色彩斑斓,充满异域风情的万千巷陌中,内心深处的热情会喷薄而出。继续朝着集市前行,那里华美珠宝和迷人的肚皮舞服装绝对是购买纪念品的首选。


The so-called “pink city” of Jaipur has plenty of attractions to enjoy with a loved one. Source: ThinkStock


8. Gardens, beaches and stellar sunsets - Lisbon, Portugal

The buildings, the weather, the tropical gardens, the beaches ... There are plenty of things that make Lisbon romantic, but a ride on the Santa Justa Elevator outdoes them all. The skyline view at sunset is unparalleled. The ideal place for a first kiss or a perfect proposal.




The streets of Lisbon offer a classic backdrop for a spot of romance. Source: ThinkStock


9. Wild love - Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is for the fun and wild lovers, for those who fall in love over racing cars and high-stakes gambling. After a crazy night, spend a more relaxing day in the Princess Grace Rose Garden. Located along the sea and named after Grace Kelly, it's known as one of the world's most romantic places to get engaged.




The Princess Grace Rose Garden, with its views of Monte Carlo, is a popular place to pop the question. Source: Supplied


10. The world's most romantic city - Paris, France

It's no secret that Paris is one of the most romantic cities on earth. The rich food, flowing wine, glowing monuments, and ravishing views practically scream l'amour. Gaze over the city from the restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower, unleash your mischievous side at the Moulin Rouge, or stroll the Champs Elysees. Whatever you do, you really can't go wrong in Paris, where everyone's a romantic and every day seems magical.




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